Magento vs. WooCommerce

While Magento offers both paid and free software versions, WooCommerce is an exclusively royalty-free development software. This is of particular benefit to young start-ups that do not yet have a wide range of products.

WooCommerce is particularly suitable for beginners and the aforementioned start-up companies. Tutorial videos are made available free of charge, which means that the page can be structured and edited independently piece by piece. Magento, on the other hand, requires the help of professional agencies due to its extensive complexity, which, however, requires increased costs.

However, what sets Magento and WooCommerce apart the most is functionality. WooCommerce forms a sufficient framework with a few extensions and plug-ins. However, these are not sufficient for complex and large online shops. Magento does require a fee, but there is a wide variety of tools to make the online shop as customer-friendly as possible.

In summary, it must be made clear that WooCommerce is a good and free alternative for small shops, but that this is not sufficient for large shops.

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