What is Magento?

Magento is one of the most popular platforms for online shop development. The first software was developed on March 31, in 2008. It started as an open-source program to create shops for free. However, as the demand for professional online shops grew, Magento started charging fees for its services.

The platform is used in particular by customers whose online shop requires complex programming. Magento always tries to renew all tools, so the optimized version “Magento 2” has been available since 2015. The free open-source version is still available, which is particularly suitable for simple sites and shops.

What stands out about Magento, is all of the variety of tools it provides. One of them is the B2B function. This enables the shop to be programmed in such a way that business customers have the opportunity to view special prices and quantities directly. In addition, there is the linking to all the social media channels.

Your shop page can be linked to your Facebook, Instagram & co. to refer. In addition, Magento offers web designers “artistic freedom.” Whether animations or the integration of videos, Magento is not the one platform to set up any barriers.

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