What are the benefits of Shopify?

Over the past few years, Shopify has evolved into a shop system giant. Many shop owners blindly trust Shopify. But this is also due to the many advantages that Shopify offers.

The modular system

Why Shopify is used by so many is very likely due to the modular system. You register, choose a template and adapt it. You can set up an online shop in just a few steps. Programming knowledge is not required for this, and you do not need to run your hosting. Therefore, Shopify scores above all with user-friendliness.

The technical side

As already mentioned, using Shopify does not require a lot of knowledge programming. All templates that are available, are already programmed and can be used directly. Since Shopify is based on a cloud and is not simply downloaded, no additional hosting has to be executed meaning, all technical settings are completely taken care of.


In order to be on top of your competitors, it is becoming more and more critical to comply with data protection guidelines. Therefore, other shop systems require additional SSL certificates and cookies to be adjusted. However, these are carried out directly at Shopify and are also constantly updated. So when it comes to security, you can always rely on Shopify.

The support

Despite the simple handling, creating an online shop is never easy. There can also be complications due to errors occurring over time. That’s why Shopify Support is at your side 24/7. In order to be able to request help as fast, or to have your questions answered, you can use the live chat.

Search engine optimization

For you to generate as much traffic as possible, it is important to use the right tools to rank first on Google. This can be done with the aid of search engine optimization – SEO. Google rewards pages with good technical requirements and unique content by placing them higher. Shopify offers the following services:

Page speed

Content review

ALT texts


Social media

Special promotions

Initially, Shopify online shops are dedicated to on-page optimization. The page, therefore, has a particularly quick reaction capability and duplication restriction of your content, to prevent penalizations from Google. Product photos must all be provided with ALT texts so that they can be found on Google images. Each link must also be assigned a meta heading and description.

All social media channels are linked to the online shop for additional reach. One last helpful feature is the special promotions, such as discount codes, to reward your customers’ loyalty.

Shopify Payment

Shopify Payment is both a curse and a blessing for the shop system. Many criticize the additional fees incurred. But the benefits also need to be considered, since Shopify Payments methods store all credit card fees.Safe prevalent payment methods are available with Shopify Payments like Built-in security, keep payment info and business data safe.

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